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What I'm All About

Oh, hello there!  I bet you are wondering who I am, and what I can do.  I am a senior advertising student at UT Austin, with a minor in business and a specialization in immersive technologies.  I have a passion for innovative solutions, unique and progressive strategies, and experience marketing.  I identify as a budding brand strategist, and I best succeed when I am given the opportunity to think creatively as a communicator.  And as for me personally? I have a strong passion to help others, and I have recently started a non profit to facilitate virtual reality experiences for elders in nursing homes.  Feel free to check out!  

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Role: Brand Strategy

Building a new position from an existing campaign

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Gillette, recovering from a PR crisis of unintentionally highlighting all males as offenders of toxic masculinity, will evolve their campaign to fit all audience members.  With their #redefine campaign, they will encourage men to take it into their own hands to redefine what masculinity means to them, including redefining the first date, bromances, fraternity life, and so on.  Gillette will be opening this campaign through various mediums.  

As the strategist of this project, I focused on media placement, the organizing idea of masculinity re-defined, and research.

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Role: Campaign and Media Strategy

Expanding an established brand to a new location

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Urban Roots focuses on their volunteers as the center of their messaging, using a metaphor that their program is similar to the nutrients and sun that a plant gets when they are growing.  As the strategist on this project, I worked specifically on development of the communication platform, the target audience, and the messaging placements. 

As the strategist of this project, I focused on the organizing idea, our installations for flights 1, 2, and 3, and creative media placement.

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Role: Solo Pitch

Initiate an inclusivity program for a brand

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Pixar will create a mentorship program between females in technology and female leaders in the field.


Pixar will release one of its short films that are played before their movies, telling a story that highlights the strength of women, using a medium that is unique and true to their brand, while also campaigning for the program through LinkedIn (to reach mentors), and Instagram (to meet college aged mentees).   

This was a solo creative project.

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Role: Strategist and Designer

Create marketing plan for startup client with limited budget

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Non-hypothetical, Client: Mistake Club

Mistake is a company that provides a doll with educational streaming content for children, focused on helping kids accept their mistakes.  They wanted to expand their reach and grow their brand, with a limited budget.  


Through research, I found that mothers often feel pressures of perfectionism, and acceptance of mistakes can be a bonding process together with mothers and their children.  This will lead to an increase in sales because it encourages moms to buy the service and doll, as they are active participants in the experience.

In this effort, I focused on research, creative media placement, strategy, and graphic design.

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Role: Solo Project

Create a campaign in response to COVID-19 for HEB

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Create a campaign that follows the #texanshelpingtexans for HEB in response to COVID-19.

I recommended initiating a program where shoppers can provide contactless delivery of groceries to elders, thus getting a small discount on their own shopping as well.  During these times, grocery delivery was weeks behind and elders were not able to go to the stores due to fear at the start of the pandemic.

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